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Character  &  Context

The Science of Who We Are and How We Relate
Editors: Mark Leary, Shira Gabriel, Brett Pelham

Cabbage rolls, water bottles, and disappointment: See what you may have missed in the world of personality and social psychology in this week's ICYMI roundup.

by Mariko L. Visserman
Senior woman gets flowers from husband
You may be missing this simple but key ingredient for a happy relationship.

by David Boninger and Brett Pelham
man's hand holding a missing piece in a square tangram puzzle, over wooden table.
Ideas about what is a problem or simple misbehavior versus what is a clinical disorder have evolved over the past few decades. The consequences of this evolution are complicated.

by Adam Alter
Woman sitting on a dock near a lake
As adults approach each new decade of life, they begin to think about and seek out meaning. This is both good and bad.

by Zachary Witkower and Jessica Tracy
Photos of a woman expressing different emotions
Subtle head movements can dramatically change the way a person’s face appears and thereby affect other people’s perceptions of the person.

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Everything that people think, feel, and do is affected by some combination of their personal characteristics and features of the social context they are in at the time. Character & Context explores the latest insights about human behavior from research in personality and social psychology, the scientific field that studies the causes of everyday behaviors.  

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